Low-Calorie Diet Increases Lifespan

by Kathy Jones on May 13 2011 8:18 PM

 Low-Calorie Diet Increases Lifespan
Lowering the core body temperature by opting for a calorie restriction diet could lead to a longer lifespan, a new study conducted by researchers at the Washington University School of Medicine reveals.
The researchers tested the effect of low consumption of calories on mice and found that those who were given a calorie restricted diet lived longer compared to those mice that had been given standard quality food.

The researchers also tested the body temperatures of 24 people between 50 to 60 years of age and who had been on calorie restricted diet for the last six years and compared them with a similar number of people who were on standard diet and another group of endurance runners and found that those who were on the restricted diet had the lowest core body temperature.

“The people doing calorie restriction had a lower average core body temperature by about 0.2 degrees Celsius. What is interesting about that is endurance athletes, who are the same age and are equally lean, don't have similar reductions in body temperature”, lead researcher Dr Luigi Fontana wrote in his paper than has been published in the journal Aging.