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Bioactive Compounds in Chocolates Aid Weight Loss if Consumed with a Low-Carb Diet

by Dr. Trupti Shirole on April 2, 2015 at 7:26 AM
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Bioactive Compounds in Chocolates Aid Weight Loss if Consumed with a Low-Carb Diet

Are you trying to lose your weight but cannot stop binging on chocolate? Finally here's some respite for chocolate lovers who want to shed those extra pounds. A new research has revealed that chocolate, which is a rich source of bioactive compounds, particularly a group of molecules called flavonoids, can actually aid weight loss when combined with a low-carbohydrate diet and some form of exercise.

The German researchers divided volunteers aged 19 to 67 years into three groups to find out whether consuming chocolate in combination with dietary interventions has no effect or it makes such diets even more effective in the right dose. One group followed a strict low-carbohydrate diet, another group followed the low-carbohydrate diet and also consumed 42 grams of dark (81%) chocolate per day, and a control group followed their normal diet. Researchers found that the low-carb group lost weight compared to the control, but surprisingly, the low-carb plus chocolate group lost 10% more weight.


Johannes Bohannon, research director of the nonprofit Institute of Diet and Health, said, "What is important is the specific combination of foods in your diet when trying to shed those extra pounds. Just lowering the proportion of carbohydrates is not a reliable weight loss intervention because it has different physiological effect depending on the bioactive compounds in your diet. The effect of chocolate is real. It is not enough to just consume chocolate, but in combination with exercise and reduction in carbohydrates, the data indicate that chocolate can be a weight loss accelerator. The best part about this discovery is that people can buy chocolate everywhere, cheaply and without having to believe diet gurus or purchase expensive nutrition products over the Internet."

The study has been published in the International Archives of Medicine.

Source: Medindia


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