by Savitha C Muppala on  November 26, 2013 at 5:26 PM Women Health News
 Lea-Ann Ellison Back in the News With More of Cross Fit Training
Thirty-five- year old Lea-Ann Ellison created quite a stir after showing that nothing could come in the way of her obsession with cross fit training, not even pregnancy.

She is back in the news post delivery with details of how much cross training through pregnancy helped her deliver in a natural home birth with a very short labor of one hour. She also said that this delivery was by far the easiest of her three children and she needed no pain killers.

Ms Ellison is proud of herself since she is just three kilograms above her pre-pregnancy weight.

In her third trimester of pregnancy, she had put up pictures of herself exercising intensely and encouraging other women to do so. This had sparked an online debate as her detractors felt she could be encouraging a risky practice among pregnant women.

According to Lea-Ann Ellison, the intense pregnancy training regime is the main reason for her good post birth recovery.

She said, "Follow my page as I will post my pregnancy and post pregnancy workouts so mums of all levels can feel healthy and hot! I am happy for ALL of the feedback; all publicity is good publicity when you are trying to take an unconventional idea more mainstream. So, more power to the ladies focused on staying strong regardless and more power to the guys who support them!"

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