by Rathi Manohar on  September 13, 2010 at 9:52 PM Alternative Medicine News
 Korean Healing Therapy Attracts Shimla
An old South Korean energy healing therapy is attracting an increasing number of people in Shimla, who feel they have benefited from the treatment.

The holistic therapy can treat diseases like asthma, fatigue, depression, addiction to stimulants like alcohol and drugs and joint pains, while strengthening the body system, by boosting immunity, say the Won-Ki practitioners.

Affected by a host of maladies, everyday dozens of people flock to the treatment centre here to benefit from this unique energy healing therapy.

Known as Won-Ki, the ancient art of healing from South Korea, uses the universal energy, 'Ki' and concentrates it on to the patient's body to remove negativities and flush in positive energy, thereby treating several ailments.

This energy healing is used to deal with the physical and mental stress of patients.

"All the negativities that are present in our mind are reflected in our body. These negativities are manifested as diseases in the human body. In this therapy, we undergo a purification therapy of both the mind and the body through this universal energy," said Anita Dhiman, a patient.

Dozens of local residents in Shimla, mostly in the age group of 50s, attended the camp to get the cosmic energy through this Korean traditional method of healing.

"This treatment is without any medicine and without any operation. It is this therapy that gives you proper treatment. Their only requirement is that the patient must come with a positive mind," said Ajit Kumar Nanda, organiser of a Won-Ki Health camp.

Won Ki is believed to be a natural and lasting solution to many common health problems.

As per its concept, vital energy, when circulating freely, eliminates blockages and impurities in human body and mind.

Once the blockages are removed, the immune systems take over and complete any healing that is needed.

Source: ANI

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