Indians(most of Us) Assume Short Naps May Improve Work Productivity and Efficiency

by Jeffil Obadiah on Aug 19 2019 5:29 PM

Indians(most of Us) Assume Short Naps May Improve Work Productivity and Efficiency
Indians felt taking short naps between work might improve productivity, and adding a nap room could provide a better workflow, revealed a survey.
For the results,, an online sleep solutions start-up, conducted a nation-wide survey to emphasize the importance of sleep wellness in the workplace.

The ''Right to Work Naps'' survey, conducted with over 1,500 respondents, showed that a 70 percent of people did not have a nap room at their workplaces and 86 percent of the respondents confirmed that a nap room would definitely help improve overall productivity at work.

The research revealed that 41 percent of the people surveyed suffered from irregular sleep patterns because of work-related stress and working late at night.

"Given the rising sleep-related issues in our country, we felt it was imperative for us to take action and encourage corporates and employees to rally for nap rooms at their workspaces," said Chaitanya Ramalingegowda, co-founder and Director of

The survey also found that constant state of work anxiety hampered 31 percent people sleep at night, while almost 20 percent respondents felt sleepy at work all the time and 51 percent were drowsy most of the time.

The Great Indian Sleep Scorecard 2019, Wakefit's annual sleep survey, validated this, by revealing that 80 percent of people felt sleepy at work one to three days a week.

The research shows that one in four respondents felt commuting to work hampered their sleep patterns the most.

While coffee or tea continued to be the popular choices to ward off sleep, there seemed to be a rising awareness of the need for an active lifestyle.

According to the survey, 33 percent of people wanted their companies to get a nap room to increase focus on work wellness Research has found that taking a nap for 20-30 minutes increases short term alertness among people. While nutrition and exercise are popular work wellness themes around the world, nap room installation can ensure that sleep its due credit in companies'' employee wellness programs.

In light of these findings, Wakefit's ''Right to Work Naps'' initiative aims to highlight the positive impact of sleep wellness in employees'' health, well-being and productivity at work.