Indian Youth Found Guilty of Eve-teasing Authors Pamphlet on the Problem on Court Orders

by Gopalan on Jul 24 2008 5:46 PM

A 21-year-old Indian youth, found guilty of eve-teasing, has authored a 25-page booklet on the issue on court orders. He wants girls to be taught martial orders to protect themselves.

Bharat Ahlawat of New Delhi and a hotel management student, was arrested for teasing a girl on a bus in September last year. He was sitting behind her and called her a chudail (a witch) just to insult her.

Magistrate Tarun Sherawat directed Ahlawat, to write 25 pages on “How women feel when they are teased and why one should not tease women.”  That was the punishment for his crime.

“Eve teasing- a menace,” the note prepared by the boy, was submitted to the court recently, Hindustan Times reports.

Ahlawat, incidentally son of a police officer, says the city needs more awareness programmes to ensure that youth know what is in store for them when they are caught. He also wants girls to be taught martial arts.

At the same time he also says in his report that it is all harmless fun and that women enjoy the attention.

Ahlawat has been asked by the court to distribute the pamphlets all across the capital city.