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 Indian Kids Love Indian Food: Survey
When it comes to eating habits, Indian kids love Indian food, according to a new survey.

As per Cartoon Network's 'Chowder' survey, the weirdest food Indian children have ever eaten include spicy curry with powdered laddoo, yogurt with chilli powder and dosa with sugar cubes amongst others.

The survey found that Indian kids love Indian cuisine the most and North Indian and South Indian food are the equal top raters in their choice.

The survey revealed that cooking is no longer a girl's phenomenon. About 68 percent of kids believe that both boys and girls should learn how to cook and this sentiment becomes even more emphatic as 71 percent of the respondents to the survey were boys.

The channel conducted the survey on to explore kids' eating and cooking habits. According to the channel, almost 900 kids responded to the survey from all over India including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Bangalore.

Bringing out their experimental spirit, 76 per cent of Indian kids enjoy trying new food while 33 per cent of Indian kids prefer going out. 57 per cent of the respondents are keen to learn more about world cuisine.

"As a kids' entertainment expert, Cartoon Network is ahead of the curve in identifying interesting trends amongst kids. The 'Chowder' survey findings reflect the views of India's next generation and it is clear that both girls and boys believe in the importance of cooking and food," Turner International India director Krishna Desai as saying.

Source: ANI

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