Immune System May be Enhanced With Fish Oils

by Raja Nandhini on Apr 3 2013 4:47 AM

 Immune System May be Enhanced With Fish Oils
A recent research suggests that fish oils rich in DHA and EPA could boost up the immune system.
It is well established that oils rich in DHA and EPA reduce inflammation in many chronic disorder like cancer, heart diseases and autoimmune diseases. However, it was assumed previously that these oils reduce the body immunity, which contradicts the findings of this study.

Researchers from the Michigan State University experimented with mice to determine the effects of these oils on the immune system. One group of mice was fed with diet containing DHA and EPA oils while those in control group were fed with normal diet.

After five weeks, researchers cultured B cells, a type of white blood cells, separately and found that B cells from the mice fed with oil rich diet showed increased cell activity.

Hence, the authors conclude that DHA and EPA containing oils enhance immunity.