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High Speed Shutter to Keep Food Safe from Insects, Dust
A major challenge that everyone faces with regard to food is, safety and prevention from contamination and spoilage.

At the recently held Food Safety and Security Expo in Tokyo, many new technological products were showcased.

"Happy gate MONBAN" is a high-speed sheet shutter that helps protect from dust and insect. The company has sold about 160,000 units so far. Katsunori 'Kenny' Taketani, Divisional Manager (Export Sales) of Innovex Co. Ltd., said, "This is the G Series of MONBAN. It's a model for mainly indoor use. The door moves at an industry leading 3.2 meters per second, making it dust-proof, insect-proof and energy saving."

The shutter is equipped with MONBAN tube that ensures air-tightness and has a feature to open and close it silently. After contacting any object, the sheet swing back automatically. Also, it automatically recovers even if it was teared loose from a strong shock.

Taketani further said, "Other than that, as a safety solution, from the built-in control panel, countdown can be set to control the timing. The open/close speed can be adjusted by the controller also." Another feature of MONBAN is that it has the widest sheet variation in the industry. The sheet contains a drug that keeps the insect away. It is verified to be safe to human beings or animals.

Taketani added, "For example, in order to enhance the visibility from the other side, the insect repelling power is as strong as the orange version. Starting with Thailand, the product has already had hundreds of sales records in Southeast Asia. We look forward to introducing it to more users in the future. It is the "Net that insects dislike".

As the top share in Japan, the production process of the insect net maker Dio Chemicals, Ltd not only to bending and weaving the net to make it, but also includes the production of the threads with intergradation system. LED lights are used commonly the world over. However, an LED light has been introduced which is only visible to human beings, but not insects. The insect resistance effect can be utilized at the door that connects to the outside of the factory or the boundary line of the production area.

During the drug-free setup experiment outside, where there were many insects, it gathered only 1/8 of the insects attracted to the fluorescent light. Covered by a soft material, the tape-style LED light can be processed into many shapes. Also, you don't need to worry about the light scatters like fluorescent light. It can be installed at overlooked places like floor or gaps, not only increasing visibility, also getting insect proof effect. With this effect utilized, the compact insect catcher can effectively pinpoint where insects are coming from with high accuracies and without limiting its setup location.

Nakayama of Luci Co.Ltd. said, "Actually, an insect capture device was placed here. It's the insect capture device's size which was not available. Since our company makes LED lighting equipment, we are able to make this device this small. We can even make it in a minimal size like 125 or 40 millimeters, and can be placed in spaces that were not able to fit this kind of device before.

During the experiment conducted at our company, it became clear that once the output of ultraviolet rays is increased, more insects can be captured than the fluorescent light generating ultraviolet rays. From the experiment results of the physical store in Singapore, a substantial quantity of insects was captured within three days. The store staff was also hoping that the product can soon become available." The company has received sales queries from Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Muyanmar, Malaysia and India. By implementing new technologies, the possibilities of food safety are growing.

Source: ANI

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