Heart Attack Ad on TV

by Rajashri on Aug 9 2008 3:15 PM

British television channel ITV1 will be airing a new health ad on August 10 that aims to educate the general population about the usual symptoms of heart attacks.

To be aired at 9.17pm, the "Watch Your Own Heart Attack" ad has been produced by the charity organization, British Heart Foundation (BHF). Betty McBride, the Director of Policy and Communications of BHF said that the organization is concerned about the lack of awareness of heart attack symptoms, with nearly 17 percent of those questioned admitting that they have no knowledge of symptoms associated with heart attacks.

McBride revealed that the ad will aim to squash the myths of heart attacks symptoms, largely popularized by Hollywood movies in which the victims dramatically fall down by clutching their chest in pain. She went on to add that heart attack symptoms are more subtle and are often ignored which could lead to fatal results.