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Ten Tips for Exam Success
With the exam season making rounds, it's all stress and worry everywhere. Long sleepless nights and endless pondering over books won't suffice. You'll need these 10 super-easy tips to ace that exam.

#1: Time your day

Time management is probably the most important concerns during an exam. A day ahead, prioritize and list down the subjects you've got to study. Schedule your entire day, and set aside some time to get refreshed too. Not managing your day can make you go through the day in a haphazard way.

#2: Take it easy

Peer pressure and parental concerns can literally put you down, but don't let it affect your last-moment preparations. Take it easy, and don't let small things pull away your concentration. Just focus, concentrate, and give it your best.

#3: Get a good night's sleep

A good 8 hours of sleep is important for you - Firstly because it keeps you awake, and also because while you sleep your body gets enough rest and oxygen, which helps you think better. Chances are, you'll be able to better recall things after you're well rested and prepped.

#4: Take a break

Over-pressurizing yourself can be harmful, and there are several examples all around you to confirm the fact. Make sure you take a ten minute break every hour and a half, and do what refreshes you. Facebook and twitter should not be your escape route, instead, play with your pet, or listen to some good music, or even better-just head out for a short walk in the open.

#5: Avoid skipping breakfast

Many students skip breakfast in order to save time, but what most of them forget is, a starved body can sap you of all your energy and take away all your concentration. Breakfast, being the most important meal of the day, should never be avoided.

#6: Try group studies

Group studies are a good way to lessen the burden and at the same time, motivate you. When studying in a group, it is most likely that your doubts will be cleared, and studying won't be monotonous and boring. Just make sure you actually study though!

#7: Breathe

In the midst of all the pressure, don't forget to breathe. Deep breathing can actually calm down your nerves and makes you feel relaxed. It also helps you hold your perspective and think clearly. So when you get stuck with a question, don't panic, just breathe.

#8: Be there on time

Many students lose track of time while studying, which means last moment hurries and forgotten hall passes. Make a mental note or set an alarm to reach at least half an hour before your paper. That way, you'll be less disorganized and hurried, and more relaxed and confident.

#9: Avoid distractions

It's easy to be distracted during exams, and most students even joke about watching a fan rotate being more interesting during exams. In such a case, get into a room, shut the door, and turn off your cellphone. Remind your siblings that you have an exam and ask them not to disturb you.

#10: Eat

A starved body can affect what you pen down-believe it or not. A healthy meal having a good protein content can make you better ace that test, and with confidence.

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