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Smartphone TVs Linked to Rise in Carbon Emissions
Technology has made lives easier. Everything is possible today with just a touch. Smartphones and tablets seem to pack in just everything, and thanks to live streaming, you can now watch your favorite shows or the live football match on the go.

However, this very convenience has also invited a serious issue; watching an entire football match on your smartphone or your tablet could produce the same amount of carbon emission as a petrol car been driven for around 10 miles, a new study claims. Connecting your device to a Wi-Fi hotspot, on the other hand, can cut down the carbon emission by up to 8 times as opposed to watching it on a television set.

Sharing the screen in pubs or with other people at home can be one of the most effective ways to cut down on the carbon emissions, the Carbon Trust claims. If you prefer watching the game live at the stadium, you may be adding to the carbon emissions by driving to the stadium in your vehicle.

So what's the best way to cut down on the carbon emissions without compromising on the entertainment factor? The report claims that watching a match on LED screens is one of the most efficient ways to reduce carbon emissions, followed by watching it on an LCD screen and then a plasma screen.

Connecting your smartphone/tablet to a broadband while watching a game alone too, can help lower down carbon emissions.

And if this problem doesn't seem serious enough for you, here's something more-statistics reveal that 27 percent of smartphone users and 63 percent of tablet users use their devices as an alternative to televisions. Emissions from these 'small' devices are as much as eight times greater than the emissions resulting from watching televisions, mostly because of the size of the screen.

"We are continuing to find new ways to reduce our environmental impacts," managing director of Wembley Stadium, Roger Maslin, explained.

"Only a small part of the total carbon emissions associated with a game at Wembley are in our direct control, so we are calling on fans to do their bit and help to shrink the carbon boot print of watching football."

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