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Insomnia: Cure It With Music
Insomnia caused by stress, mental pressure, and modern lifestyle, is a disorder most of us would do anything to get out of. Still, most of us are unable to do so. Insomnia can also be caused by ingesting too much caffeine, noise pollution, anxieties that won't let the mind rest, excessive computer and television use, and other factors.

Insomnia negatively affects the Circadian Rhythm rendering the body incapable of comprehending when it's night. As a result, insomnia negatively affects one's ability to work and relationships. It can even lead to conditions ranging from sleep apnea to death.

There are many ways and means people try to get sleep. The best solution to insomnia is to calm the nervous system which can be done with the help of warm baths, herbs and music. Music is the best remedy to calm the nervous system and induce sleep.

Studies at University of Toronto suggest that even those people who have been sleep deprived or insomniacs can be healed by the playing of soothing music. The logic is to pick such kind of music that slows the mind through 50-60 beats per minute rather than the 120 plus beats per minute. Attempts were made by the scientists to study the brain to see what types of tonal and rhythmic patterns with music. Classical music helps people to fall asleep faster and stay in sound sleep for longer. It even assists those people who regularly wake up in the night to fall back asleep quickly again.

Classical music can be heard at a distance, so it functions more as white noise, but in case it is not effective, earphones at close range are used for a depth of mental stimulation.

A wide range of classical music has been suggested for inducing sleep; especially effective are ones that include the sound of the water, ocean, lullaby, waltz, and blues. This kind of music are among the most famous and successful pieces used to treat insomnia. J.S Bach, who had written songs for some noble man who had been facing difficulty in sleep, created Cello Suites and Goldberg Variations. These are considered to be the apex of serene and soporific melodies.

Music from instruments such as flute, violins, piano and guitar also help in curing insomnia. However, each person experiences the condition differently. Hence, one should consult a health care practitioner for more specific treatment options and be open to a wide range of suggestions for a sound and good night's sleep.




Source: Medindia

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