Health Minister Launch Deworming Dose for Over 3 Million Delhi Children

by Bidita Debnath on Sep 25 2013 11:09 PM

 Health Minister Launch Deworming Dose for Over 3 Million Delhi Children
Health Minister A.K. Walia launched the second round of annual deworming in schools in Delhi, expected to cover 3.6 million children in the national capital.
The first round of mass deworming was carried out in February 2012 and covered 2.7 million school children.

"The second round of deworming will cover children in anganwadi, government, municipal and cantonment schools. Deworming tablets or syrups will be given to pre-school children. There will also be a mop-up day for those who miss the first day," said a statement.

The deworming programme of the Delhi government was launched last year and is aimed at providing free and comprehensive health services to all school age children in the capital.

Non-governmental organisation Deworm the World Initiative that has launched similar programmes in 37 countries around the world, is giving technical support and donating drugs to the programme.

Soil-transmitted worms are the commonest infestations in pre-school and school age children from poor communities. These infestations lead to anaemia, malnutrition, retarded physical and mental development, etc.

Regular deworming is the most effective way of immediately reducing worm burden and relieving children of the diseases.


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