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 Half of Aussie Men Would Get Their Willies Enlarged: Survey
If the findings of a new survey are to be believed, half of Aussie men would love to get their willies enlarged.

The 2009 Great Male Survey also revealed that most Aussie men do not believe in marriage, but still fancy their partners' friends.

The eye-opening survey by online magazine involved 1500 men. It examined men's attitudes towards relationships, politics, business, fashion, and sex.

The surveyors found that while many men appeared to be embracing traditional values, they also harboured thoughts of infidelity and would dump their girlfriend if she put on too much weight.

The study found that 46 per cent of Australian males believed that being a good father or husband-such as the one who takes care of his family-is what makes a man "manly".

Almost 94 per cent of study participants said that it was okay for men to cry.

Over half of the men surveyed (58 per cent) lamented a decline in moral standards in business, and more than 70 per cent believed in the institution of marriage.

However, 69 per cent of men also fantasised about sleeping with their partner's friends, and 44 per cent admitted they would dump their girlfriends if they became fat.

Infidelity was no big deal for men Down Under, with 40 per cent saying they were not entirely satisfied with their sex lives, while almost a quarter were entirely dissatisfied with their love life.

A big 50 per cent of men said that they would enlarge their penises if they could.

"Ever-evolving and complex, contemporary men are constantly redefining what manhood means ... to reflect a constantly changing world," the Courier Mail quoted AskMen Australia Editor Emma-Kate Dobbin as saying in a statement.

The survey demonstrated that, contrary to the "beer-swilling larrikin", the typical Aussie bloke was stylish, sensitive and romantic. And yes, he has a healthy libido," she said.

Source: ANI

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