Hair Colouring Make Women More Attractive and Sexually Exciting

by VR Sreeraman on Sep 24 2008 3:50 PM

Women who dye their hair blonde experience an increase in feelings of attractiveness to the opposite sex and general confidence, claim researchers.

Also, women who dye their hair blonde are more likely to sing and dance in front of strangers or ask someone out for a date.

For reaching the conclusion, university researchers studied the effect hair colouring had on a woman's mood and well-being.

"Colouring your hair may seem like an art to most people, but there is actually a lot of science behind it," the Daily Star quoted Dr Mark Sergeant, who led the team of experts linked to Nottingham Trent University, as saying.

"The changes we noted in the study in participants behaviour and psychology were significant.

"Not only were their confidence and mood levels elevated but their inhibitions seemed to be mitigated with many reporting feeling more attractive and sexually exciting," he added.

The Clairol Nice 'n Easy study involved 205 women aged between 25 and 66.

Over 50percent said they coloured their hair to "get attention" from strangers or "be noticed" by friends and colleagues.