by VR Sreeraman on  August 13, 2007 at 4:36 PM Lifestyle News
Good-looking People Paid More Than Ugly Colleagues!
Being good-looking really does have its advantages, especially when it comes to a person's pay packet, for a new survey has found that beautiful people earn more than their ugly workmates.

And, the difference is not slight. In fact, attractive men and women earn as much as 15 per cent more than the worst looking person in their office.

Economists James Andreoni and Ragan Petrie, who carried out the study wrote this happens even though beautiful people contribute just as much as other workers.

"We find a beauty premium even though beautiful people contribute, on average, no more or less than others," the Daily Mail quoted them, as stating.

"Attractive people make more money than middle attractive people, who in turn make more money than unattractive people," they added.

The researchers found that the reason why attractive people get paid more is because employers 'expect' them to behave in a particular way.

"The beauty premium is not due to the actions of attractive people, but seems to be due to the expectations of how attractive people will behave," the research stated.

As a part of their study the researchers studied three groups of subjects, who were rated according to general perceptions of physical attractiveness.

They noted that while 38 per cent of attractive subjects were judged as looking helpful, only 18 per cent of 'middle attractive' and only 5 per cent of unattractive were thought to be the same.

They also noted that such people are more popular and successful.

The American study is reported in the Journal of Economic Psychology.

Source: ANI

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