Girl Addicted to Eating Deodorant Sticks

by Kathy Jones on Mar 2 2013 11:02 PM

 Girl Addicted to Eating Deodorant Sticks
A 19-year old girl in New York has a bizarre addiction of deodorant and often eats up to 15 deo sticks in a month.
Nicole appeared on TLC’s ‘My Strange Addiction’ TV show and revealed that she first started eating deodorant when she was four years old.

However the taste grew up to become an addiction two years ago when she started eating it at any time of the day, averaging around 15 sticks in a single month.

“My brain is telling me, ‘You have to eat it.’ I tried giving it up for a week, but I got really sick and had bad headaches. When I realize I’m out of deodorant I start to panic. My anxiety goes crazy and my heart will beat really fast”, Nicole said.