by Julia Samuel on  March 26, 2015 at 11:31 AM Indian Health News
Free Health Camp Blamed for the Deaths of Two in India
Wenlock Hospital, Mangalore, India, conducted a health camp which is claimed to have taken the lives of two victims, Poovakka, 69 and Ayishath Haseena, 9. The relatives of the deceased and hundreds of villagers staged a protest in front of the hospital.

The protesters demanded for the cause of death be made known to them as they felt the private hospital that 'treated' them had made them ill before calling them for 'advanced treatment' to their facility in Mangalore.

On March 10, Mangalore hospital at Panaje primary healthcare center in Puttur organized a health camp and both the deceased attended it. Poovakka and Ayishath Haseena were among the 23 persons who were referred to the hospital for allegedly having some serious ailments and wanted them to get advanced treatment. The relatives of the victims claim that they had no illness previously.

The camp was conducted under the Vajpayee Arogyashree scheme and the authorities of Omega Hospital, supported the health camp, denied that the duo died due to their negligence.

Muneer Katipalla, state president, Democratic Youth Federation of India, urged the Deputy Commissioner to conduct a transparent inquiry into the mysterious death of two patients. He also sought the immediate arrest of doctors in the hospital who were responsible for the deaths and suitable compensation

Source: Medindia

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