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Food Poisoning Struck Santa Claus Promotes Importance of Food Safety in Scotland
Can Santa get Food Poisoning? As its the Christmas season, goodies occupy most of our mind. Christmas parties and lavish meals are so common which also pose an increased risk of contracting food poisoning during this festive season.

To create awareness about the importance of food safety and reduce the number of people contracting food poisoning, Food Standards Scotland (FSS) has launched a safety campaign. The campaign features Santa Claus struck by a bout of food poisoning.

The campaign also gives out food safety tips and advises people to follow the Four Cs of food safety: cleaning, cooking, chilling and avoiding cross-contamination, with specific advice on the storage, preparation and cooking of turkeys and leftovers.

Geoff Ogle, chief executive of Food Standards Scotland, said, "Christmas is a time for all the family to come together and enjoy themselves and food plays an important part of that. Home cooks are usually preparing larger quantities of food, from party snacks to turkey roast dinners. When you've got a lot to do in the kitchen and are in a hurry, you can take your eye off the ball when it comes to hygiene, and when that happens there's more scope for things to go wrong."

FSS figures show 78% of Scots think they are unlikely to fall ill from food they have prepared in their home and 77% of people learnt cooking from their a family member, suggesting good hygiene and food safety habits can be learned and passed down through generations.

He added that adequate time must be given to defrost turkey and inconsistent cooking through the bird won't get rid of bugs like campylobacter, which can cause food poisoning. Leftovers of turkey must be stored in the fridge and must be consumed within 2 days. Fridge temperature must be at 0-5°C.

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