Food Channels Sparking an Unhealthy Trend

by Savitha C Muppala on Apr 25 2013 9:38 AM

 Food Channels Sparking an Unhealthy Trend
Food channels with celebrity chefs are a big hit these days and a fallout of this trend is, while they cook up a delicious spread, the viewers’ appetite for fatty and unhealthy stuff is whetted.
A new study has claimed that such programs have sparked an obesity crisis, as they seem to egg people to eat fatty food.

This was revealed during a study which tested close to 900 recipes from 26 famous cooks and found that 87 percent did not meet the health recommendations as stipulated by the government.

Only 13% used ingredients to cook healthy stuff which followed the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) guidelines.

Dr Ricardo Costa, senior lecturer in dietetics at Coventry University, said: “This study is not about naming and shaming celebrity chefs. However given the level of trust the public tends to place in the nutritional integrity of these cooks’ recipes, it’s important to highlight where they're falling short of healthy eating benchmarks.”


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