Fitness App Pays You to Start Exercising

by Kathy Jones on Aug 1 2014 11:34 PM

 Fitness App Pays You to Start Exercising
If working out does seem to be a chore then a new fitness app promises to provide you with extra motivation, by paying you money on completing workout sessions.
Called Pact, the app allows you to enter your credit card details and set your fitness goals, including working out for a certain number of times in a week or eating a healthy diet. You are also required to confirm the penalty that you will be willing to pay if you miss a workout, with the minimum penalty starting from $5.

The app then tracks your workout sessions and also records your visit to any known gyms, and the period of time spent, while one can also use a fitness band or phone’s GPS to log miles. Users will be awarded reward money, between $0.3 to $5 per week depending on the number of tasks The money will be collected from those who have failed to honor their pact.