by Tanya Thomas on  September 29, 2009 at 8:17 AM Lifestyle News
 First Date Sex Easier For Girls Named Chantelle, and Men Named Dave
A recent US survey has found that men think girls named 'Chantelle' are most likely to have sex on the first date.

Also names 'Stacey' and 'Kelly' seem to make blokes believe that they have a chance of getting laid faster.

Opinions of men aged between 18 and 28 years were taken by OnePoll, which carried out the survey of 4,000 people.

Seemingly, 'Chantelle' ranked top because of busty Celebrity Big Brother star Chantelle Houghton, while 'Stacey' was voted second due to the men's perception of character Stacey Slater, who sleeps with her father-in-law in the show EastEnders.

The other names that appeared in the list are Chelsea, Tanya, Debs, Becky and Vicki.

Meanwhile, girls think guys named Dave, Lee, Steve and Darren are most likely to try it on quickly.

"It is interesting, although it's not particularly good news if your name is Chantelle or Stacey," the Sun quoted spokesperson of OnePoll as saying.

The rep added: "It's intriguing how different names have different connotations these days.

"I am sure many of the blokes we polled haven't managed to get someone called Chantelle into bed - but they seem to like their chances.

"It might be a productive weekend for potential bed-hoppers called Dave, Lee and Steve."

Girls Likely To Have Sex On A First Date

1 Chantelle; 2 Stacey; 3 Kelly; 4 Chelsea; 5 Tanya; 6 Debs; 7 Becky; 8 Vicki; 9 Lisa; 10 Michelle.

Men Likely To Have Sex On A First Date

1 Dave; 2 Lee; 3 Steve; 4 Darren; 5 Andy; 6 Gary; 7 Danny; 8 Jason; 9 Kevin; 10 Callum.

Source: ANI

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