by Tanya Thomas on  October 13, 2009 at 8:58 AM Lifestyle News
 Feminism Takes A Beating As Mod Brit Women Prefer Motherhood Over Career
A Brit think-tank has reported that a growing number of modern women find motherhood more satisfying than a full-time job.

According to Cristina Odone, who wrote the book The Perfect Wife and is an outspoken critic of some feminist attitudes, today's women are raising voices against pressures that have made them take jobs they don't really want to do.

"We need to break the stranglehold that the small coterie of women, who work full time and buy into the macho way of life, enjoy on our public life," Odone said.

"They have for years misrepresented real women who reject the masculine value system for one that rates caring above a career and interdependence above independence.

"Real women do not want to commit full-time to a job. The future belongs to the real woman, who points to a lifestyle embracing feminine values," she added.

Supporting her viewpoint, a recent poll in Britain showed fewer than one in eight mothers want to work full time, reports The Courier Mail.

The shocking study also found that one in every 100 mothers in two-parent working families with young children think it is right to have a full-time job.

According to the poll's results, many females just want to be stay-at-home mothers with their husband's taking on the role of breadwinner.

Source: ANI

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