by Rukmani Krishna on  October 7, 2013 at 11:57 PM Lifestyle News
 Fans Get To Scream at Stadiums Without Visiting Them With The Help of New Football App
FAn amazing app that allows football fants to get right behind their heroes even without leaving their homes since they have been prevented from getting into grounds to watch their teams in action.

According to, a company has developed an app that lets absent supporters cheer, clap and generally make enough noise to raise the roof without breaking any laws or even getting off the sofa.

A need for such a device came about because of problems in Tunisia, the report said.

Since 2011 football fans there have been banned from stadiums after the government decreed all professional matches were to be played behind closed doors, the report added.

The order was made for security reasons as the country clamped down on all large gatherings following clashes between pro and anti-government supporters, the report further said.

With clubs suffering from a lack of inspiration that only a noisy atmosphere can bring, a company has developed an app that reconnects the fans to their heroes without them having to enter the stadium, according to the report.

The 12th Man features various buttons that link the user to 40 speakers placed around the ground and it allows fans at home to press either 'applause', 'sing', 'cheer', or 'drum', on their phones or laptops and the sound comes through at the stadium, the report mentioned.

Source: ANI

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