Fancy Smartphone Finds a Place in the Hearts of Women

by Hannah Punitha on Nov 30 2008 6:04 PM

It's supposed to be a toy for men, but looks like ladies can't get enough of the cool new iPhone, for the fancy smartphone is being found more in purses than in suit coats, according to Australian mobile phone companies.

Mobile phone sellers in Australia have claimed that more women than men are buying Apple's iPhone.

In fact one source revealed that up to 70 per cent of iPhone sales were to females.

Vodafone's general manager for Victoria and Tasmania, Paul Guerra, said they haven't delved into why women were keener on iPhone than men, despite early assumptions it would appeal more to men.

My gut feel suggests the iPhone has bridged that gap between fashion and functionality, News.Com.Au quoted him as saying.

He added: It's a great-looking device the female customer is comfortable using and displaying.

However, my wife and female staff around me will argue the iPhone is better suited to women because they're able to multi-task better than us men.

Last month Apple announced fourth-quarter (ending September 27) profits of 1.14 billion dollars helped along substantially by global sales of more than 6,892,000 iPhones.

According to Malvern small business operator and mother of three, Amanda Miller, 34, an iPhone was like a computer in her handbag.

That's very useful for a busy mum juggling kids, work and running the house. It's much lighter than carrying around a laptop, she said.