Experts Rubbish "Daily Limits on Alcohol Consumption" Theory

by Tanya Thomas on Aug 4 2009 8:00 AM

"Meaningless" and "pose health risks" - this is what British health experts have to say about daily limits on alcohol consumption.

The UK government says males should drink no more than three to four units per day and women no more than two to three.

Liver specialist Dr Nick Sheron, of the Alcohol Health Alliance UK, however, believes that the limits were devised by civil servants with "no good evidence" for doing so, reports The BBC.

He says the advice runs the risk of people taking it to mean that it is safe to drink alcohol every day.

Although binges are dangerous, it is the average amounts consumed over the weeks, months and years that count.

A person who regularly drinks 50g of alcohol a day - around 6 units or three pints of normal strength beer - has nearly double the risk of stroke, high blood pressure and pancreatitis as someone who abstains.