Expert Says Women Could “Evolve” Out of Menopause in Future

by Kathy Jones on May 30 2013 10:46 PM

 Expert Says Women Could “Evolve” Out of Menopause in Future
Dr Aarathi Prasad, an Indian-origin genetics expert has claimed that women could “evolve” out of menopause and have children well into their fifties.
"The mood of scientists working on this and looking to the future is we will either technologically or scientifically evolve out of the menopause," she said at the Hay Festival in the UK.

Dr Prasad claimed that menopause belonged to bygone generations when women were competing for scarce resources. Hence it was not ideal to have them bearing children all the time.

"When menopause evolved, women probably died ten years before it happened, it hit in your 50s, on average," she said. "If you`re looking at a future where women are going to live to 100, that`s half your life when the rest of your body functions perfectly well and your ovaries don`t.”

Dr Prasad also claimed that menopause did not bring any benefits to women especially in this age where resources are plentiful.