Eating Same Food as Parents Keeps Kids Healthy

by Kathy Jones on Apr 29 2013 7:33 PM

 Eating Same Food as Parents Keeps Kids Healthy
Researchers at University of Edinburgh have found that allowing children to eat the same meals as the parents can help keep them healthy.
The researchers observed a group of 2,000 children aged five years old and recorded their eating habits, including their main meals and snacking.

The researchers found that while ‘child friendly’ meals did have an impact on the quality of the children’s diet, it was not as healthy as when they ate the same things that their parents ate.

“Offering separate children's food for a main meal may often result in children missing out nutritionally. It is likely that in cases where children eat different foods, they are eating a less nutritious option. This is already known to be the case with kids' menus in restaurants, so children are best off eating the same foods as their parents”, lead researcher Valeria Skafida said.