by Kathy Jones on  January 14, 2012 at 10:31 PM Women Health News
 During Orgasm, Women's Brains Light Up Like Christmas Trees
A new book has claimed that women's brains light up like Christmas trees when they experience an orgasm.

Author of "Dirty Minds" Kayt Sukel, who started writing the book after going through a divorce, participated in experiments using scans at Rutgers University to see what kind of activity happens in the brain when someone experiences an orgasm, Fox News reported.

The doctors and radiologists collected data from the reactions in Sukel's brain.

"The brain lights up like a Christmas tree," she said.

Sukel evaluated what goes on in the brain during sex to an epileptic seizure.

It was not just orgasms that caused a unique activity in the brain but also love that indicated distinct results on scans.

"The same areas of the brain that are involved in drug addiction, and also risk and reward processing are the ones that are influenced by love," Sukel said.

Scientists who have conducted other research on the topic of love have asserted that for our brains, love is not just a want but there is an actual chemical drive for it in the body.

Source: ANI

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