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Ducks Death In Park Lake Not Caused By Poisonous Algae, Say Experts
Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh located at the foothills of the Himalayas, on Saturday witnessed the death of two more ducks. Sources are investigating into the death of a dozen birds in the park recently. In addition, three more ducks were found unconscious. On Wednesday, five birds were found dead and on Thursday, it was seven. The UT Forest and Wildlife department is much concerned over the death of these ducks.

Death Record:

Santosh Kumar, UT chief wildlife warden, said: "The ducks that have been found dead are not migratory birds but the domestic ones. There are around 100 ducks at the lake out of which 14 have died. The preliminary medical examination indicates that they may have died due to old age or cold weather conditions."


Sources say that food poisoning may be a reason and this has not yet been ruled out. Visitors keep feeding the ducks and this may have caused them potential death. The UT Administrator says that visitors continue to feed the birds despite firm warnings. One of the visitors exposed that visitors threw tiny flour balls and other food despite food feeding ban boards are erected in the park. In order to uncover the exact reason, the dead birds have been sent to a veterinary laboratory in Jalandhar. In 2007, owing to bacterial poisoning, more than a dozen birds died in the same lake.

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