Drinking Coffee from a Clear Cup Enhances the Sweetness

by Bidita Debnath on Dec 9 2014 10:56 PM

 Drinking Coffee from a Clear Cup Enhances the Sweetness
Coffee drunk from a white cup tastes less sweet and more bitter, than drinking from a clear or blue mug, reveals a new survey.
The study explained that humans tend to associate color with flavor and white was associated with bitterness and the brown color of the coffee contrasted significantly with a white drinking mug, Fox News reported.

The study idea was inspired by barista who overheard customers claiming that coffee drunk from a white mug tasted bitterer than drinking from a clear glass container.

Researchers added that drinking from a clear cup enhanced a drink's sweetness and blue mugs apparently intensified both sweetness and bitterness, so the brew just tasted stronger overall.

Researchers then conducted the study where participants drank coffee from white, clear and blue mugs and were then asked to analyze taste and found that brew tastes bitter if drunken in a white mug as compared to white and blue mugs.

The study advised sellers to serve coffee in transparent or blue mugs as it could influence the consumer's multisensory coffee drinking experience.