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Downing Street Kitchens are Worse than Prison: Brit Chef
Television chef Jamie Oliver has condemned the state of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown's kitchen.

"They've got the worst kitchens in England at Number 10 - terrible. Wandsworth Prison has better gear than Downing Street," The Telegraph quoted Oliver as saying on the on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross show on BBC1.

Oliver also tells how he would love to cook for Obama's family.

"I got asked by Michelle Obama to go out and see them. I was washing up; maybe one day I'll cook for them."

The chef - who can currently be seen in new Channel 4 series Jamie's American Road Trip - also served up a helping of bulls' testicles, known as Rocky Mountain Oysters, as a treat for the chat host.

In the run-up to the show, Ross posted on his Twitter feed that he had struggled with a recipe from Olvier's new cook book Jamie's America.

He struggled with the instructions and ended up phoning Oliver for help, as well as Gordon Ramsay.

In a series of messages on his feed, Ross said: "Cooked the veg slightly wrong. I thought instructions were bad so improvised. Phoned Jamie and he mocked me.

"Then put veg in blender instead of food processor. The salsa is a bit soupy now. And I am sweating lots. Cooking is harder then I thought."

Source: ANI

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