by Shirley Johanna on  February 8, 2016 at 6:36 PM Cancer News
Doctors Misdiagnosed 8-Month-Old’s Cancer For a Leg Fracture
The mother of an eight-month-old baby was left with disappointment after doctors misdiagnosed her baby's cancer for a leg fracture. Currently, the little girl is undergoing chemotherapy after the discovery of a cancerous tumor.

Nora Holly was taken to the new St John of God Midland Public Hospital by her parents after she was struggling to stand and crawl. Initially, the doctors told the couple that their daughter was suffering from behavioral issues.

The family requested a second opinion, and a senior doctor found the child had a fractured leg. Nora's leg was placed in a full cast and was discharged.

Few days later, as the child's condition continued to deteriorate, she lost control of her upper body. She was then immediately taken to the Princess Margaret Hospital, and her leg cast was removed with no evidence of a fracture. MRI and CT scans revealed the cancerous tumor that was crushing the little girl's spine.

Doctors discovered a neuroblastoma in her chest cavity that was strangling 85 percent of her spine.

Doctors at the PMH said that if treatment had been delayed by another day, Nora could have suffered permanent spinal cord damage.

"As a mother of three, I knew enough about my children to stand up a bit to what they were saying. But what happens if a mum comes in and completely accepts what the doctor says?," said Nora's mother, Naomi Holly.

Nora has regained some movement in her legs since beginning treatment.

"The hospital undertakes a review of its processes for all unexpected clinical outcomes, and will do so on this occasion," said Dr Lachlan Henderson, executive director of St John of God.

Source: Medindia

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