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Doctor Climbs Mount Kilimanjaro to Raise Fund for Heart Disease Treatment of His Friend
People climb mountains to get the real feel of adventure in life. A 45-year-old British-Indian doctor climbed Mount Kilimanjaro for a different reason.

Dr. Ash Patel decided to scaleáthe mountain in order to raise funds for the Royal Stoke University Hospital, UK, where his friend Mahesh Patel succumbed to heart disease on September 21.á

Mahesh Patel was admitted to the hospital after a heart attack in early September.áDr. Patel started climbing the peak from September 12 until September 22.

The Sentinel reported that the doctor appreciated the hospital staff for the care they gave to his friend during his last days.á

"I have known Mahesh for 30 years, he was a friend as well as my patient. The hospital did an excellent job in taking care of him," Dr. Patel said.

The efforts of Dr. Patel, who works at Longton Health Center, raised 1,001 pounds for the hospital, which will be utilized on the intensive care unit, where Mahesh was treated.

"Everyone at the hospital really did everything they could do to help Mahesh. They are all hard working and caring staff. As a doctor myself I could tell they did absolutely everything they could to help Mahesh," he was quoted as saying by the daily.

Dr. Patel said the trek to the top of the tallest mountain was a tough challenge but worth the effort. "I think the fact I was doing it to raise money for the hospital really got me through it. Sadly, Mahesh died on September 21, the day before I got back," he said.

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