Docs in Maharashtra Return to Duty

by Rajshri on Oct 22 2009 8:45 PM

Even as normal duty slowly resumed at the three hospitals in Maharastra that were vandalised by relatives of patients, doctors working at the hospitals revealed that they are still afraid that the mob could return to the hospital.

Relatives of 16-year old Aarti Khaire vented their fury on Maa and Rajawadi Hospitals after the patient died in mysterious circumstances. Khaire, who was admitted to Maa Hospital on Sunday and was discharged later that day, was given a glucose IV along with an injection.

However problems soon began to surface when Khaire began to bleed from the mouth, ears, and nose and though she was rushed to the Rajawadi Hospital, the doctors declared her dead.

Angry over the care provided to the girl, the mob soon began their attack at the Rajawadi Hospital, wrecking the premises before shifting their attention to the Maa Hospital where they went on strike late in the night.

A similar incident took place at GT Hospital where a 35 year old patient died due to multiple organ dysfunction. Narsana Husanapa, who was suffering from TB, was admitted to the hospital on Sunday but was discharged on the same day even though there was no improvement in his condition before.

Out patient department at both the hospitals had to be closed down for two days following the protests with the hospital administrators now coming under the scanner regarding the lack of care provided to both the patients.