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A survey has found out that nearly 5000 deaths due to cancer could perhaps have been averted if people were just aware of the symptoms. According to Cancer Research UK, one out of seven people did not know even a single symptom of the disease.

A poll which sought the response of nearly 4,000 people has revealed that 19 per cent of men and 10 per cent of women were ignorant about even a single symptom of cancer.

Sara Hiom, director of health information at Cancer Research UK, said: "It's really important that people can recognise cancer symptoms and feel that they can report concerns to their GP at an early stage.

"When cancers are detected earlier, treatment is usually more effective and often milder. We're not expecting people to be able to recall every symptom, but being generally aware of changes that could be a sign of cancer could make a crucial difference for people who do develop the disease."

Some of the common symptoms of cancer include.

Unexplained weight loss

An abnormal lump or swelling anywhere on the body.

Discoloration of a mole or change in its shape or size

Change in voice

Indigestion that lasts for several weeks

A persistent sore that does not heal for several weeks

An ulcer on the tongue or mouth which does not heal for more than three weeks

A cough persisting for more than three weeks.

Difficulty in swallowing

Blood in urine or motion

Difficulty passing urine

For women, any changes in menstruation or lump in breasts

Extreme sweating during nights

Pain or ache which persists for more than a month.

Stressing the importance of early detection in cancer outcomes, Sara Hiom added: "We believe as many as 5,000 deaths could be avoided each year in the UK if cancers were diagnosed earlier. Many of the symptoms that could be cancer often turn out to be a milder ailment, but it's best to get things like unusual lumps, changes to moles, unusual bleeding or changes to bowel motions checked out by a GP."

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