Do Not Worry About Exercising Close to Bedtime

by Savitha C Muppala on Mar 5 2013 11:56 PM

 Do Not Worry About Exercising Close to Bedtime
A leading sleep team and many other experts in sleep and exercise have allayed any concern people might have about exercising at night close to bedtime as it does not interfere with sleep.
Most people get good sleep after a workout in the night, experts from the National Sleep Foundation said and such people also reported feeling more energetic and well-rested.

"The timing of exercise ought to be driven by when the pool's lap lane is open or when your tennis partner is available or when you have time to get away from work, not by some statement that has never been validated," says Barbara Phillips, a University of Kentucky sleep medicine specialist.

Nearly 50% of vigorous and moderate exercisers said they slept well on the days they exercised even if it was close to bedtime.

Considering the busy lives people lead, sometimes working out in the evenings works better. The idea is to get some exercise fitted into a day, no matter what time it is;therefore it is perfectly fine that different times work for different people.

Some form of exercise is certainly better than no exercise at all. "Your body is meant to move. Getting the right type and amount of movement helps your body do what it was built to do, and that includes sleeping,” experts said.