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Digital Care And Medical Technological Innovations Can Help Manage Diabetes
The world's largest chain of diabetes management clinics, Lifespan Wellness, conducted a study wherein diabetics were mentored and monitored over the period of six months. The findings of the study showed remarkable improvement in the blood sugar level.

Lifespan Wellness is a caring endeavor that brings in a new level of organized support and state-of-the-art medicare for the treatment and management of chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Elaborating on the study, Mr. Ashok Jain, Group MD and CEO, Lifespan wellness Pvt. Ltd. said, "A total of 200 patients were followed for a period of 6 months and their blood sugar and HbA1c (a reliable marker of 3 months blood sugar control) was done. These patients had access to unlimited specialists consultations and were guided and followed up by Diabetes educators and were given customized diet and lifestyle advice."

As per the consecutive HbA1c report, better sugar control was achieved in 68% of those patients. "Blood sugar control is not easy as it sounds. But we found, the mean decrease of 18.8% in HbA1c. This clearly proves that convenient and cost effective treatment plans along with the practical knowledge for optimal self management can help people combat the nuisance caused by diabetes," claimed Mr. Jain from Lifespan Wellness.

Every diabetic person faces the challenge such as, what is the best time to take the medication, when to exercise, how to cope with a change in their schedule. Digital care delivery platform coupled with technological innovations in medical care is a new concept introduced by lifespan. Lifespan has introduced for the first time in India an online portal for e-consultations especially for Diabetics who do not have access to a specialist care. "Patients can videocall, talk, chat or email a specialist doctor for a second opinion at a time and place convenient to him. They will then be sent expert advice and e-prescription by a specialist and the medications can be couriered to them if needed. This not only is more cost effective but also is more convenient to a patient," shared Mr. Jain.

For the convenience of patients there are online facilities for taking doctor appointments, ordering exclusive products and paying for services. Latest machines like RISC and Arteriospan can detect very early changes so that the treatment focus can be on preventing complications. The blood and urine testing machines are 'point of care' so a patient gets accurate results instantly and the doctor can initiate appropriate treatment immediately.

The process of meeting a doctor has been made easy and hassle free by Lifespan Wellness for a patient. "Patients are reminded of their appointments through SMS and for blood tests, home sample collection is arranged. In order to cut down the cost of home monitoring, we have introduced a very accurate and cost effective glucometer with the cheapest strips," he further informed. This glucometer and home care kit is being provided free of cost to all patients on annual treatment plans.

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