by Vanessa Jones on  June 18, 2014 at 1:31 PM Health Insurance News
 Difficult to Find Trusted Healthcare Provider for Some
The New Greater Cincinnati Community Health Status Survey - USA, reports that the minorities and poor are finding it difficult to have health insurance with a trusted health care provider. The race and ethnicity are barriers too. According to experts there should be providers who understand the cultural differences among the minorities.

Two people in every 10 or a 19% agree that not having insurance is a barrier in the path of finding a trusted health care provider. "Research shows trust between a patient and provider is important for creating an effective care environment," said Greer Glazer, an associate vice president for health affairs and dean of the University Of Cincinnati College Of Nursing. "Having trust in this relationship leads to increased patient satisfaction and better compliance with treatment recommendations."

African Americans reported race and ethnicity as a barrier, more so than white Appalachians. "To us, this indicates a need for health care providers from a more diverse array of racial and ethnic groups, as well as a need for more culturally competent providers," says Dr. Barbara Tobias, medical director of the Health Collaborative who also serves as a board member of Interact and professor at the University Of Cincinnati College Of Medicine. A nonprofit organization conducts the survey once in 3 years.


Lisa Bernard-Kuhn, June 2014

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