Dementia Sufferers may Be Helped by Music Therapy

 Dementia Sufferers may Be Helped by Music Therapy
Australian researchers have revealed in a new study that dementia sufferers may be helped by music therapy.
They theorize that people whose memories are failing may be able to recall certain things if they hear a song from their youth.

Dr Felicity Baker, a senior lecturer from the University of Queensland (UQ) School of Music, is looking to conduct a study of 100 volunteer couples who will allow music therapists to visit their homes and show how to use music to increase communications.

"Thousands of people care for partners with dementia and take on a lot of burden, which means they are more prone to anxiety and depression," Dr Baker said. "The idea of my project is ... to tap into the memories of people with dementia as a way of sharing positive experiences and trying to maintain some level of satisfaction with the relationship."


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