David Cameron’s Perfect Staging to Discuss Pollution

by Medindia Content Team on Oct 13 2007 6:13 PM

A wonderful opportunity presented itself to the Tory leader, David Cameron, to discuss the dangers posed to mankind by pollution.

Cameron dropped in on California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for the first time during his three-day visit to the state, and was escorted out to the latter’s "smoking tent" in the courtyard of the governor's mansion in Sacramento, where only the most important guests get to hang out.

The former Terminator had the tent set up because his office is considered a public place, in which smoking is banned.

"People come in here, Democrats and Republicans, and they take off their jackets and rip off their ties and they sit down and smoke a stogie and they talk and they schmooze," the Daily Mail quoted Arnie, as saying.

Cameron didn't rip off his tie or smoke a cigar. But he was said to have found the location "interesting".

He presumably managed to stifle any coughs and chat freely, as aides said the pair had a "very friendly and constructive" hour-long meeting.