Consult GP Before Undergoing Food Intolerance Tests, Which? Study Recommends

by Savitha C Muppala on Aug 21 2008 6:51 PM

 Consult GP Before Undergoing Food Intolerance Tests, Which? Study Recommends
Some companies are found to be capitalizing on people’s food concerns to get them to patronize costly intolerance tests whose results may be erratic and detrimental to health, Which? study has shown.
Which? researchers examined a series of tests intended to detect food allergies from samples of blood, or from alterations in a person’s electromagnetic field,  and hair strands.

These tests detected almost 183 intolerances, though the scientists could find only one medically authenticated allergy and food intolerance. The results were highly inconsistent and were found to be registered under dubious names.

The tests advised avoidance of almost 39 foods, making it a challenge to consume a balanced diet. Therefore, for those who followed the advice, nutritional problems were just round the corner, according to Which?  

Which? Magazine editor Neil Fowler said: "A severe allergy can be life-threatening so it's no surprise that people want to find out if they should avoid certain foods. But some companies are playing on these fears to sell expensive intolerance tests that are not medically proven. Our tests have shown them to be unreliable. They could even endanger your health as following their recommendations could lead to nutritional deficiencies."

It is better for victims of food allergy or food intolerance to maintain a food diary and a record of their symptoms, in order to seek the advice of their GP instead of blindly undergoing food intolerance tests.


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