by VR Sreeraman on  September 13, 2009 at 10:58 AM Environmental Health
 Condoms Cheapest Way to Reduce Carbon Emissions: Report
Condoms are the cheapest way to reduce carbon emissions, claims a controversial new report.

According to the report for the UK's Optimum Population Trust, putting the brake on global population growth would be five times cheaper than any other method of tackling the world's greenhouse gases.

The study, which was compiled by the London School of Economics, found every 4-pound extra spent on family planning for the next 40 years would reduce global CO2 emissions by a tonne. It would cost 19 pounds to achieve the same result with low-carbon technologies, reports The Sun.

OPT chairman Roger Martin said: "It's always been obvious that total emissions depend on the number of emitters - as well as their individual emissions.

"The taboo on mentioning this has made the whole climate change debate so far somewhat unreal."

United Nations data indicates that family planning could reduce unintended births by 72 percent, trimming the world's population by half a billion to 8.64 million in 2050.

Source: ANI

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