Compounds That may Help Destroy Breast Cancer Tumours Uncovered

by VR Sreeraman on Nov 22 2008 3:50 PM

University of Central Florida researchers have uncovered two novel compounds that may help destroy breast cancer tumours. ssociate Professor James Turkson, who led the study leading to this advancement, says that the two compounds have been found to disrupt the formation and spread of breast cancer tumours in mice.

He has revealed that the compounds, S3I-201 and S3I-M2001, work by breaking up a cancer-causing protein called STAT3.

He also revealed that he and his colleagues have not observed any negative side effects so far.

'The compounds are very promising. They've worked very well in mice, and now we're looking for partners to help us take these compounds to the next level of trials,' Turkson said.

"We all have the STAT3 protein in our bodies, and under normal circumstances it causes no harm. But in breast cancer patients, the protein is abnormally active. It never shuts off," adds the researcher, how has obtained patents for both compounds.

In a study report, published in the journals Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and ACS Chemical Biology, he points out that STAT3 creates a network of blood vessels to feed the cancer cells to support their growth, and thereby promotes the spread of the cancer into the blood, bones and organs.

"Our compounds go after STAT3, stripping away its power," he adds.

Turkson has also revealed that he is presently working on a similar compound for pancreatic cancer.