Coldplay Lads Go on Strict Diet After Food Binges

by VR Sreeraman on Jul 20 2008 12:51 PM

 Coldplay Lads Go on Strict Diet After Food Binges
Heavy binging on a diet of "baked goods" like cakes, pastries and pies has now made Coldpaly guys to go on a strict diet that include salads instead of sweets.
Chris, Guy, Jonny and Will have not only gained public appreciation with their new album 'Viva la Vida' and single 'Violet Hill', but they have also gained weight in the process of making the album.

"It happens whenever we have some downtime, usually between albums. We get very hairy and kind of morph into Bill Oddie - we stack on the weight," The Mirror quoted Chris, as saying.

However, he revealed that it was a meeting with former Stone Roses bassist Mani, that made him realise that they on the higher side of the weighing scale.

"He was eating a sandwich and I asked him what was in it. He told me it was salad and that I should eat the same. Mani warned us that nobody wants a fat pop star," he said.

So now the rockers are keeping a strict watch on their diet, so much so, that Chris, 31, has gone to the extent of banning club sandwiches from their catering menu on tour.

"They love the things and know they will be tempted to scoff a few if they're lying about," confirmed a source.


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