by Thilaka Ravi on  December 25, 2013 at 11:56 PM Lifestyle News
Coca Cola's 'Virtual Women' Send Text Messages to Attract Men for More Coffee in Japan
Coca-Cola in Japan has an innovative invention of 'virtual women' that would send out text messages from vending machines in order to lure men to drink more coffee from the machines.

Georgia coffee, which is available in more than 20 varieties, has an app called 'Hanaseru Jihanki Georgia' (Georgia the Talking Vending Machine), that when installed in iOS or Android software, sends texts centered on one's mutual love of caffeine, CNET reported.

A person can choose one of six virtual females, that will send personalized messages telling you that you have worked hard, need to take easy for a while and with GPS data will also advice on taking an umbrella along.

App users are expected to scan the QR codes on the vending machines they frequent, and the dispensers would automatically send messages, including cute illustrations of coffee cups or teddy bears.

Users of this app can also experience the illusion of communicating by replying to the texts.

Source: ANI

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