by Bidita Debnath on  April 28, 2016 at 1:20 AM Child Health News
 China Ranks First in Progress Against Child Discrimination
China ranked at the top in a survey of 18 countries in reducing discrimination against and neglect of children.

The survey conducted by leading NGO Save the Children released on Tuesday, showed that 74 percent of Chinese thought things were getting better-the highest proportion out of all countries surveyed. Other countries in the survey included the US, India and Britain, the China Daily reported.

The survey also found that 77 percent of those who said they were affected by discrimination during childhood in China believed the situation in the country had improved-the highest level among the countries surveyed. India was second, with 61 percent, and Nigeria third at 55 percent.

Worldwide, almost 40 percent of adults said they were discriminated against as children because of gender, ethnicity, religion, disability or because of where they lived, according to the survey, which questioned 18,172 adults in the participating countries. Nearly half of those surveyed in Asia said they faced discrimination as children. In China, the figure was 44 percent.

The survey was conducted between March 23 and April 14 by the international opinion research and consultancy GlobeScan. It was the largest survey of its kind to be undertaken by Save the Children. Wang Le, deputy country director for China at Save the Children, said it is clear that the country has made great strides.

"We think it is true that children's situation in China for health, education and development opportunities has improved a lot in the past several decades," said Wang. The organisation said children with disabilities are among the most deprived groups in China and face particular challenges in access to and completion of a good education.

Source: IANS

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