by Tanya Thomas on  September 13, 2008 at 2:51 PM Child Health News
Children, Star Wars and the Issue of Personal Development
A UK University has come up with an innovative idea for inculcating the values of personal development in little children- the Jedi style of the Hollywood blockbuster "Star Wars" series.

Queen's University Belfast is offering the course entitled "How to train in the Jedi way", which will use the psychology of the Star Wars knights for teaching.

"I'm using Star Wars as a kind of teaching aid looking at psychological development techniques, social and political themes that are explored in the films," TimesOnline quoted Allen Baird, course tutor, as saying.

The course blurb says: "Battle your dark side: fear and aggression. Begin your own hero-quest. Lightsabres not provided."

The course comes in line with Britons' latest affiliation with Jedi Knights, which started with UK's first Jedi Church being established in 2007 by brothers Barney and Daniel Jones in Anglesea, Wales.

Beginning in November, the open learning course will feature dialogue and clips from the Star Wars films.

According to Baird, Jedi Knights have to master flow and mindfulness, which are researched techniques that may enable students to be fully immersed in a task, and control their thoughts and behavior.

Also, the course will deal with the nature of liberty in the face of a fascist empire and the place of technology.

Source: ANI

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