Chennai Is The Number 1 Diabetes Management Training Center

by Medindia Content Team on Jul 8 2006 10:09 AM

Chennai is fast turning into a leading diabetes management training center, not only training Indian physicians, but also from other Afro-Asian countries. The MV Hospital for Diabetes and Diabetes Research Centre, which is the World Health Organization’s collaborating centre for diabetes research and training has passed on knowledge to doctors from as diverse countries as Cameroon, Tanzania, Myanmar, North Korea, Bangladesh and Burma.

The center is currently coaching a Pakistani physician. "The priority is in providing diabetes training to government doctors and rural practitioners," said A. Ramachandran, Director, MV Hospital.

The training program is basically a minor step in a country that has 35 million diabetic patients. Dr. Ramachandran said that they were talking with the government to extend the program to all corners of the country.

According to N. Murugesan, project director, World Diabetes Foundation, the next step is to train more paramedics.